REALTIME FIX BLOG began out of the passion for Original African designs and art; also from the desire to showcase Africa's creativity to the world.

We began in 2012, and over the past 6 years have become the home for original African & African-inspired  designs, art and craft.

At Realtime Fix, we pay close attention to upcoming African designers as well as established designers. For us, being able to shine more light on the talents we have within Africa, especially the newcomers, is the foundation of what we do. It is most rewarding to have the world share in the birth of a new talent; being that the fashion and art industry is one that is difficult to break into, RTF serves as a platform for African designers & Artists to showcase their latest work.

Our ultimate goal is to be the launching pad for all new African designs and designers, build a reader/client base that would attract new businesses and clientele for our local designers and be the hub for Original African designs. 

We also hope to inspire young people, and people in general to tap into their creative side; encourage local designers and artists to keep creating great designs and art pieces that people we will enjoy wearing and owning.

Kokomma Williams
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