Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kancky Nigeria: Spring/Summer 2017 Collection


Founded in 2014 with a line of tunics and casual wear, Kancky was birthed from an ethereal love for nature, African inspired and handmade in Nigeria by local artisans. Kancky is synonymous with “pocket friendly fashion” while maintaining its Tribal-Chic-Cool aesthetic, the brand’s promise to its ambassadors.

This collection mirrors the Nigerian woman and her affinity with social gatherings and ceremonies. It gives a modern twist to the most preferred cuts and styles, including modern silhouettes of the popular ‘double-wrapper’ trend most popular among women from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Check out the full collection after the jump.


Photography & Art Direction: @ChimaObiDavidIbe
Creative Direction: @Luaku_Tory


Twitter: @KanckyNG

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