Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hairstyles for the busy Woman-Mom: Photos

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Seventeen02 (1702) :The Alpha (Fe)Male Leather Accessories Collection


Efe Johnson Igbinovia - designer, said the Alpha FeMale collection “comprises of handmade leather briefcases, leather sneakers, reversible leather bow tie which can be worn in 24 different ways and leather belts”.

The Alpha {Fe}Male is a leader who leads by example. He/She doesn’t tell you how to live, but lives in the manner He/She sees as best to live.

We love it!!!

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Andrea Iyamah: "Finding Water Collection 2016


We Love Andrea!!
These pieces just makes you want to be out on the beach every day all day. Every cut is exactly where it should be. Snatched!!!

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Jason Porshe: Resort 2016 collection

Lookbook_JasonPorsche_001_360nobs Lookbook_JasonPorsche_004_360nobs

This label stands out! Period. Its pure class, No 'ifs' or 'maybes'. Guys if you want to look crisp, you know where to go.

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