Sunday, July 05, 2015

Nuraniya :Ready-To-Wear 2015 “Philosophy” Collection


Nuraniya is a Nigerian label. The Nuraniya Label is autobiographical to the core, the purveyor of all things minimalist with an aesthetic built around a contemporary take on the effortless elegance keeping to its design ethos of creating affordable ready to wear garments with a high end look. With a vision that transcending age and seasons, our garments inspire and whisper confidence stitched in the Elegance of Simplicity.

The collection summarizes our aesthetic and our philosophy as a minimalist ready to wear fashion label. Our distilled version of juxtaposing Ease, Versatility, Color and Simplicity. We thought about reinventing interesting basics that could stand as a whole and be dissected into parts, basics that can be dressed up to look like a million box and dressed down to look to exude that tasteful vibe.

Nura Ikahlea "Each piece is a reflection of my unadulterated love for Simplicity,Contemporary Minimalism and Sophisticated Ease that is Practical and Affordable. Enjoy."

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