Tuesday, June 09, 2015

RTF ADS: Attend the Afterschool Stakeholders Interactive Series on School to work transitions in Africa. holding in Johannesburg, South Africa

Afterschool Centre for Career Development (formerly known as Afterschool Peer Mentoring Project) in collaboration with the Maharishi Institute and Bold Moves Africa is running an Africa -Wide Stakeholder Interactive Series on School to Work Transitions in Africa. 

The Stakeholders Interactive Series (SIS) on School - to -Work Transition is a collective action initiative aimed at interrogating the socio- economic conditions, education and skills development, unemployment and inactivity, job searches, labor market entry and segmentation as well as adequate income amongst other issues influencing young people’s successful transition into adulthood. 

Continue reading to find out how to register and attend for free.

Billed to find the missing gaps in education, skills development, entrepreneurial and other support services available for young people the Stakeholders Interactive Series (SIS) on School - to -Work Transition will also address pathways for acquiring skills- formal and informal-mechanisms of skills development, holistic and alternative education models and market enablers for youth driven entrepreneurship to thrive.

Organized through a collective action approach, the Stakeholders Interactive Series (SIS) on School - to -Work Transition will provide a springboard for stakeholders to shape the school to work transitional agenda of young people in Africa as well as drive its implementation.

The Details of the Southern Africa regional Interaction are as follows:
Date: Thursday, June 11th 2015
Venue: Maharishi Institute, No. 9 Ntemi Piliso Street, Johannesburg, South Africa
To RSVP: Send an email to info@afterschoolcentre.org

Visit www.afterschoolcentre.org to learn more. 
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