Friday, January 30, 2015

Korlekie: Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Assymetric Knot Dress Assymetric Knot Jumper + Shorts

Korlekie is a new women’s fashion brand offering exquisite, elegant, opulent and unique clothing and accessories. The garments all feature the skillful and delicate craftsmanship developed by the brand’s Owner and Creative Director; Beatrice Korlekie Newman.

The Korlekie brand is steeped in an Afro-British context, blending inspiration from Ghana, where Beatrice’s family is originally from, and know-how from the traditional manufacturing techniques of the UK industry.

The Korlekie signature look consists of hand knitted pieces with heavy embellishment, beading and intricate detailing all inspired by the designer’s Afro-British culture.

Since its soft launch in late 2012, the brand has become a staple in the African fashion scene.

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Loza Maleombho: Spring/Summer 2015


Lazo Maleombho is an award winning women designer brand producing in Cote d'Ivoire.

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Cartier Women's Initiative Awards - Call for Applications

Anyone that knows me knows that i'm always looking out for the ladies (guys dont hate, lol) . I got this email and i am excited to share. So read below...

The Cartier Women's Initiative Awards is an entrepreneurship competition aimed at supporting creative, financially sustainable and responsible women-led companies, in all countries and industries.

The Cartier Women's Initiative is currently looking for committed female entrepreneurs heading initiatives with the potential to grow significantly in the years to come.

Influential and enterprising women have always inspired the creativity of Cartier.

Continue reading for more info on how you can apply.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Nyumbani design: Architectural Shadows Collection

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Wambui Mukenyi: 2014 Holiday Collection

Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (8) Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (10)

Curves and more Curves! I love how this collection is simple and sexy at the same time ... Check out the full collection after the jump.

Dpipertwins: Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

I'm a little behind on the latest collections from our African designers, so im going to be posting some older collections and update them to the most recent ones... :) There a lots of interesting collections for 2015!

Here is Dpipertwins FW 2014 collection. The collection is very young and Chic with bright colours and daring cuts, showing lots of legs and side boob (wink)...

Born to a Caribbean mom and an African dad, the DPiperTwins embrace their roots and display it in every collection through a bold and vibrant combination of colorful African designs. They were born in New York but raised in Ghana and later came back to the United States to pursue their dreams.

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