Monday, September 29, 2014

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi: Preview of SS 2015 Collection

Lanre Da Silva-Rock Delight-FashionGHANA (3) Lanre Da Silva-Rock Delight-FashionGHANA (2)

Lanre Da Silva is a remarkable designer, here she wows her crowd of female fashionistas with colourful classic designs.

Will update the full collection once i lay my eyes on them :) for now, drool with these ladies.

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McMeka: “Uptown Exploration” Spring Summer 2015 Collection

1-McMeka-Uptown Exploration-FashionGHANA(2) 1-McMeka-Uptown Exploration-FashionGHANA(3)

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Sophie Zinga: Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Sophie-Zinga-SS-15-1-fashionGHANA (11)

Sophia Zinga is a Senegalese fashion label. This SS 2015collection was revealed in Milan. The label is based Senegal, Dakar. Sophie Zinga was chosen to be part of Vogue’s emerging Talent 2014 where she presented her collection.

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Pearls & Portraits: Debut Collection


Pearls and Portraits is a Nigerian Label whose designs are inspired by picturesque prints portraying a story through each extraordinary piece. The label creates printed tailored garments with luxury fabrics; ensuring pieces are niche to the printed fashion market. Pearls & Portraits intricate designs are embroidered with gold detailing and prints are either hand made or produced from our own photography, paintings and drawings.
The collection captures an elegant female aesthetic with bold statement designs.
Pearls & Portraits tailored shapes and retro prints make this the go to contemporary brand for the perfect day to evening wear.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

William Okpo: Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

OnoBello OnoBello

William Okpo is no stranger to the fashion scene. In this collection, the sisters behind the designs - Darlene  and Lizzy Okpo, take us on a retro journey with chunky heels, shorts skirts with slits, dresses and interesting cuts and crop tops.

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Queen E: New Season Collection

OnoBello OnoBello

Queen E is a Nigerian Fashion label founded by Queen Enidiok in 2012. Queen E debuted its label at the 2014 Africa Fashion Week in May. This collection is simple yet daring. I like the mix of fabrics and the cuts.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

David Tlale: Spring/Summer 2015 collection

David Tlale is one  outstanding designer. His work speaks for itself. Check out the amazing collection after the jump.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

MINT by Diarra Bousso: Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

MINT by Diarra Bousso, generally simply referred as MINT is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand drawing from tribal inspirations. The brand is focused on three main elements: tribal prints, vivid colors and details and targets men and women through its unique merchandise mix and compelling brand identity.
We have established a reputation with young adults, who are culturally sophisticated, artistic and concerned with originality at a reasonable price. The product offering includes women’s and men’s fashion apparel and accessories.

Toubab Paris: Janvier 2014 Collection

This lady is a genius, i have followed her work closely for the past year and half, and i am yet to be disappointed. The craftmanship and attention to details on her designs is outstanding. In her latest work Janvier 2014, Toubab Paris displays once again why she is top on Jewellery designers list.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

SHE By Bena: The “Skittles” Collection

SHE by Bena is a Ghanaian Fashion brand owned by Sheelah Ewura Abena Garbrah. The Label was launched in 2012 and has since then become a favourite for many Ghanaian stars. The “Skittles” Collection reflects and easy going, fun and playful look yet confident and elegant at the same time.

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