Tuesday, January 21, 2014


New Vlisco collection

The Hero Campaign. This season Vlisco explores the hero within. She who has the courage to forge her own path on the stage of life and bask in the limelight she creates. To be independent and express her inner strength at every occasion. These powerful concepts were brought vividly to life in Vlisco’s campaign imagery depicting women expressing their feminine strength through male inspired styles.

Courageous beauty. Hero’s designs fuse empowered femininity with futuristic geometry, powerful lines with elegant fortitude. And new for this season, Vlisco has introduced futuristic, linear stripes making it sartorially easy for Vlisco women to create their own unique statement.

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Unique collaboration. This season Vlisco has teamed with an iconic fashion designer from Belgium: Harvey Bouterse, inviting him to create iconic styles from Hero’s bold new fabrics. Harvey’s iconic style has always taken inspiration from men’s clothing influences, powerful lines, strength and independence; concepts that link beautifully with Hero’s theme. And as he’d already worked with Vlisco fabrics in his own collections, it was a collaboration that was primed for dramatic results.

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Bold new colours. Every bold new Wax, Super-wax and Java fabric has been brought to life through the use of magnificent colours. A wonderful dance of Indigo blues and heroic violets set against the attractive excitement of adventurous reds. Each colour is truly one of a kind, born of the unique process with which Vlisco fabrics are created. In short, colours only Vlisco can create.
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Limited Editions with magnetic appeal. Vlisco has included a powerful metallic embellishment to classic patterns creating a shimmering new Limited Edition design signature. Once the eye senses the additional layer adorning every fabric, it is forever transfixed – and the heart can fall in love with our classics all over again.
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