Monday, January 13, 2014

Africa On My Sleeve #AOMS2014: The first African Inspired show in New Zealand.

Africa on My Sleeve has announced the launch of designer registrations for the 2014 project. Launched in 2013, Africa on My Sleeve Limited has implemented changes designed to facilitate the growth and development of designers.

The founder of Africa on My Sleeve - Makanaka Tuwe has this to say:
The scope and vision of the organisation has grown exponentially taking into consideration the needs of designers as well as the transforming socioeconomic climate within the fashion industry. The times are changing and after the first show we saw it fit to continue to evolve and redefine ourselves. Onwards and upwards!” 

Continue reading to see how you can apply.

“Africa on My Sleeve is about celebrating the African culture through fashion. Africa has served as a source of inspiration for many and we want to celebrate the continent’s ability to inspire those that have set foot on the continent and those that have daydreamed about its beauty.”

For the year 2014 two key initiatives have been introduced to reflect the organisation’s dedication to facilitating a gateway for designers to the international fashion realm.

The first initiative is the annual fashion show that will be hosted as an opportunity for designers to showcase and promote themselves on a credible platform, to attract buyers and garner media attention. Additionally, it will be a preview of the designs that will be readily available on the online store.

Items showcased at the fashion show will be made available for purchase via an online store. Items for sale will be collaboratively owned by Africa on My Sleeve and the designer. The online store’s purpose is to help grow the businesses and brands of participating designers.

The project predominately caters to designers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia or the Pacific Islands, designers out of this region are welcome to enter.

Registrations for Africa on My Sleeve 2014 are now open. Applications close on 28 January 2014. Designers inspired by Africa are encouraged to register their interest to be a part see link:

The deadline to apply is 28 January 2014.

For more information contact:
Makanaka Tuwe
Tel: 0064211-321-481
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