Monday, November 11, 2013

Okun Spring/Summer 2013 'Independence' Collection

ÒKUN is an Africa-inspired luxury beachwear brand, forged out of the desire to communicate a positive vibe through the bold colours and language of African print.
ÒKUN is an excitingly fresh African-inspired luxury beachwear brand committed to communicating a positive vibe through the use of bold colours and the language of African print.

Kuba Men's Tailored Yellow Men's Boardshorts

ÒKUN, Yoruba for ‘The Ocean’ is born out of a pioneering concept in men’s designer swimwear to convey a pan-African spirit and embody the journeys we make to different destinations and across continents and seas.

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The Spring Summer 13 'Independence' collection is infused with the confident and carefree pan-African spirit of the 60s & 70s and features heritage Congolese Kuba and Ghanaian Adinkra motifs filtered through a lens of contemporary design.

Fawo Men's Boxers Ijoba Men's Boardshorts

Electric Blue Men's BoardshortsRed Men's Tailored

Ilé Men's Boardshorts Red Men's Boardshorts

Electric Blue Men's TailoredOna (Pink) Men's Boardshorts

Fawo Men's Boardshorts Ona (Blue) Men's Boardshorts

Ijoba Men's Boxers Kuba Men's Boxers

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