Tuesday, November 05, 2013

KATTILA Potraits: Book for yours now

I am so flattered, Check out my very own sketch from KattilaGroup below. 
I am so impressed by this free hand sketch, I am getting this framed and its going up on my wall.
p.s:  The actual sketch looks even better than what the photo shows.

Check out the process from start to finish after the jump, and also how you can get yours.


 If you would like to have yours done, all you need do is send a soft copy of your desired pic to kattilagroup@gmail.com.
The frame size options are:
- 15x20cm
- 20x30cm
- 2 x 3 ft

See more of their work here www.facebook.com/KattilaGroup
Follow them on Google+ Kattila G
Twitter: @KattilaGroup
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