Wednesday, October 09, 2013

MAFI: The Last Resort Collection for 2014

Mafi works exclusively with hand-woven fabrics made by talented female weavers. Hand-weaving is an ancient Ethiopian craft tradition, practiced in every part of the country. Each region produces fabrics with their own unique stories, told in a language of pattern and colour.

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This season’s predominant motif is called Dinguza. Dinguza is the name of the pattern on many of Mafi’s pieces for this collection. The pattern is the product of the Dorze people in the Chencha region of southern Ethiopia. Mafi is proud to share the richness and diversity of Ethiopian culture through her modern interpretations of traditional fabrics and engagement with the communities that produce them.

“I usually have one girl in mind for my collections. She’s an introverted modern urban sophisticate who likes to try new things and go to new places. She appreciates learning about new cultures and has recently been enamored with the colourful clothing and patterns used by people living in the southern part of Ethiopia. She loves for her clothes to be comfortable and cutting-edge. This season she’s on vacation with her best friend; exploring a deserted beach town.”

Photography & Look Book Design: Kyle La Mere
Make-up: Elizabeth Neish
Models: Imani Amos & Erica Candice
Jewelry: Ashley Scott

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