Friday, October 04, 2013

Fashion week Gambia: Raises awareness for Child sex tourism

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Fashion Weekend Gambia is spearheaded by a conglomerate of women within the field of fashion and arts, who wish to create a platform that aspires to bring young designers and creative artists together to showcase creativity with the ambition to introduce a more vibrant and promising fashion industry in The Gambia. Now in its second year, they are looking to host yet another weekend of fashion events in December.

There is a strong impact that fashion has had on globalization and shaping the trends of the future. Currently African brands are been infused with internationally renowned brands as Africa finally gets its slice of the Fashion cake. What they currently lack, they say, in the Gambia is a formalized Fashion industry in which fashion designers have ways of Marketing themselves and creating their brands in order to appeal to the international Markets. They intend to do not just a fashion show, but provide a platform in which African based African designers who have successfully launched their brands in the international markets to appear as guest speakers and provide young Gambian designers with the knowledge and know how to succeed in their crafts. This will draw internationally publicity for Gambian brands and will in essence contribute to micro industry thus also encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship with our women and youth.

This year’s initiative will help raise awareness about child sex tourism. The commercial sexual exploitation of children is now a growing issue to which The Gambia is not immune. It is important that we realize and accept that the practice of child sex tourism can affect the economic, social, and moral integrity of our country.

Activities around the event include:

Day 1: A display of elegance and exquisite styles with Gambia’s biggest designers, international designers, and brilliant creative up-coming designers to provide a spectacle even greater than our maiden show.

Day 2: Rep on The Runway is a street show showcasing street and casual wear. Models will walk the runway alongside live performances by the biggest Gambian artists.

Day 3: The third and last day of Fashion Weekend Gambia is a family day out at a beach restaurant where designers will be showcasing beach and summer wear. Sponsors and designers will be displaying their products available for purchase by the guests.

Source: Africafashionguide
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