Monday, September 02, 2013

NAYOKA Fall/Winter 2013/4 Handbags and Purses Collection By Ami Richardson Designs

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Ami Richardson is a Ghanaian brand that caters for the sophisticated end of African print clientèle and fashionistas. Fall/Winter 2013/4 collection NAYOKA - simply designed for the fashionable lover of African culture. 

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Nayoka which is a general term for beauty and appeal, is the title chosen for a set of astonishing bags that have the main purpose of creating a feel for ladies who know their worth on the face of the Earth. The NAYOKA collection comes in various designs and structures to suit every lady.

These line of bags are made with some of the best fabrics sourced in Ghana.
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Website: Amirichardson
Tel: +233(0)23627562
Facebook: AmiRichardsonDesigns

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