Saturday, August 24, 2013


Mentoring Challenge Mentoring Challenge

Starting from September 1, 2013 (to September 30, 2013), Idea Builders Initiative will be raising funds for the 2014 cycle of the Mentoring Challenge programme on the online Global Giving fund-raising platform ( Global Giving is a non-profit that connects donors with grass-root projects around the world.

Continue reading to see how you can take part.

1. Encourage at least 10 different people within your network to give at least
N4, 000 each in favour of the Mentoring Challenge programme, online, at the Global Giving website, using a MasterCard, VisaCard or PayPal account;
2. Remind them to actually make the donation between September 1-30, 2013; and;
3. Give us a feedback after the donation has been made.

For more information, contact Niyi on 08025280574, or visit the fund-raising page at
Please help impact positively in the lives of young women and girls. 
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