Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dance Ville Presents: National Dance Championship!!!

Dance Criteria and Adjudication ; The Categories

Any form of contemporary pieces are allowed (i.e. it can be African contemporary, modern or jazz etc.)
However contestants are expected to present a high level of dance techniques.
Judges will be looking out for balance, strength, flexibility and jumps.
All contemporary pieces are to have a story

All dances in this genre MUST be A NIGERIAN Cultural dance.
No CDs or Tapes are allowed in this genre. The music must be played live and the instrumentalist are considered part of the dancers. (i.e. No cultural dance instrumentalist should play for more than one studio.)
Scores will be given for the right costumes and music.
Drummers should not exceed 12 and they are allowed to accompany the dancer in the Solo and Couple Categories.
Dancers in the group category should not exceed 10.

Continue reading to see other categories and how to apply.
Hip hop
This genre includes body popping, threading, house, creep walks etc. Everything that portrays the hip hop culture. For the purpose of this competition, the hip hop genre includes Nigerian dance hall moves like the Alanta, Etighi, Yahoozie and others.
Choice of music can either Nigerian or foreign. The larger the variety of steps and moves in any category the better the chances at wining. Please note that the couple category can be male/female, female/female or male/male. Groups can mixed or single sex.

This genre includes 5 latin dance styles. There will be no Latin solos but each couple will be expected to do one of the following: jive, cha-cha, rumba, samba and Paso-double.
However, in the group category, the choreography can be a mixture of two or more of the latin dance styles. It can also be just one. A little Nigerian flavor is encouraged.

The contestants are expected to do songs that demonstrate the singer’s full ability in singing and dancing. We seek a top-quality, healthy, and unique vocal ability, which must be accompanied by good choreography. Judging criteria will evaluate, among other factors, vocal quality and matching dance ability. Therefore, singers are encouraged to ensure that these selections represent the full spectrum of their vocal and dance abilities. Contestants in this category are allowed to do music from any genre and culture and can be accompanied by live instrumentalist (recommended) or a recorded sound track. Voicing of any kind will not be permitted on any sound track.

Hurry and register if you think you have a team worthy of being champions.
To register go to
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Forms will be sent to you along with the brochure and rules and regulations

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