Thursday, July 11, 2013

RTF LOOK BOOK: THULA SINDI 2013 Autumn/Winter Collection

 Thula Sindi AW 1

Thula Sindi AW 2 Thula Sindi AW 3
South Africa’s fashion designer Thula Sindi brand understands its customer and since its establishment in 2005 – it has quickly gained a loyal following amongst women who appreciate well-made, intelligently designed and reasonably priced clothing. 

The Thula Sindi customer is not content with settling for the limited options available in South Africa’s deeply polarized retail clothing environment that is either very low-end (bargain bin) or very high-end (boutique). “Quality, love and a little lavishness”: One of the many statements used by the South African Fashion Industry to describe the work of Thula Sindi.

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Thula Sindi AW 4

Thula Sindi AW 5

Thula Sindi AW 7

Thula Sindi AW 6

Thula Sindi AW 8

Thula Sindi AW 9

Thula Sindi AW 10

Thula Sindi AW 11

Thula Sindi AW 12

Thula Sindi AW 13

Thula Sindi AW 14

Thula Sindi AW 15

Thula Sindi showed his latest collection at the Jo’burg Fashion Week 2013.

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