Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Belinda Baidoo Foundation and Witness HOPE organization Present “A Night of Fashion for Ghana”


The Belinda Baidoo Foundation and Witness Hope organization will have an event on June 24th, 2013 at Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine(485 10th Ave NYC) from 7-10 pm, for an evening of charity and fashion to raise money to benefit the Ohemaa’s Health Care Orphanage via the Belinda Baidoo Foundation and the Witness Hope organization.

This year, the two organizations have partnered to raise money for Ghanaian youth through a fashion show featuring designs from Belinda Baidoo and popular up and coming Ghanaian NY designers, the DPiper Twins. The show will feature some of Africa’s TOP models, highlight videos describing each of the organizations and the work they’re doing in Ghana, a one hour open bar from 7pm to 8pm sponsored by Clyde Frazier and a live auction of beautiful designs from both Belinda and the DPiper Twins. Also, 10% percent of the money spent on food throughout the night will be donated by Clyde Frazier’s to both charities! Tickets are available at:

Members of the press are permitted to attend the event at no charge, though a donation of any amount is suggested. Please contact noelle@nbcommunications.usfor more details. 
ABOUT Ohemaa’s Healthcare Orphange

Ohemaa’s Healthcare Orphange (OHO) is an institution committed to addressing the healthcare needs of the poor and the deprived, as well as man power development among the youth within the regions of Ghana and beyond. This is accomplished by providing resources and human services, while guiding the youth in the development of their personal growth potential by enlisting in active participation through inter personal skill and professional abilities to become a positive social force in a technological interdependent society. In partnership with other schools, colleges, universities, business, private and public organizations, OHO seeks to tackle the day to day socio-economic, cultural, environmental and global challenges of the youth through education, human resource development and research. Our professional membership is made up of experts and academicians from cross sections of colleges and universities in Ghana, America and Canada.


Witness Hope Organization was founded on April 1st 2010 by Nicholas M. Frimpong. Nick was born and raised in Ghana, West-Africa. From elementary through secondary school, he was heavily engaged and awarded in a variety of sports. His inspiration to help others stems from his experiences growing-up in Ghana. The purpose of W.HOPE is to provide numerous educational and vital issue sessions, which will impact the augmentation and development of athletes at the individual, campus and professional levels worldwide. The organizations core values are Achievement, Leadership, Teamwork, Excellence, Attitude, Education and Service.

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