Sunday, June 09, 2013

RTF LOOK BOOK: Farai Simoyi Ultra Femmé SS/13 Collections

Farai Simoyi’s pieces will be showcased during Africa Fashion Week New York, keep reading below to learn more about this exciting brand!FARAI-SIMOYI-ULTRA-FEMME-AFRICAN-DESIGNS

Tell us a little bit about your design rational, what inspired this collection?

My inspiration comes from my background & a mixture of different cultures. I design as if I’m a musician on a world tour and each destination inspires a different idea. My Zimbabwean roots are instilled in me and my culture has a strong influence on how I design. My culture is full of history, life, & heart and I try to portray that in every collection I create.

What do you call this collection and what does the name mean?

ULTRA FEMMé. ULTRA FEMMé is a juxtaposition between a bit of edge and a bit of femininity. I enjoy mixing clashing concepts into my work & collections.

What fabrics have you used and why?

We use top quality ponte fabric, which is great for our fitted dresses. We also use imported silks for our bohemian inspired dresses.

Marketing wise, which age group does your collection aim to targeted?

Our target market is women between the age of early 20′s to 40′s, but we will never put ourselves in a box. We have had younger women and older women love our clothing. My Mom even calls me and says “Honey, I would definitely wear that!” and she’s in her late 50′s!

Where can our fans buy your items both online and offline?

Fans can check out our stockists on our site to see where they can shop the brand. Our online store will be up & running this summer so stay tuned!

What fashion show do you plan to participate in this year with your collection?

We will be showing at Africa Fashion Week NY in July 2013 and New York fashion Week in September 2013.

What should we look out for in the near Future?

More, more , more of the Farai Simoyi Brand. We have new goals in sight and can’t wait to share with you all! xoxo.

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