Wednesday, May 08, 2013

South African Fashion Designer, David Tlale celebrates 10 years in Fashion; Releases new line of Bags!

David Tlale is expanding his fashion empire! He has launched a new line of handbags inspired by South Africa and the Ndebele artwork.

“With its colorful and geometric shapes, the art symbolizes a beautiful aspect of our culture as South Africa. We are a diverse nation (rainbow nation) and we come in all shapes, forms and sizes. As David Tlale celebrates 10 years in the fashion design industry this year, he also wants to pay tribute and homage to Mother Africa. He celebrates the country and continent that have nurtured him throughout his journey as a designer. The women of this country have been so supportive and this bag collection is a little token of appreciation to say “punctuate your gorgeous DT number with a killer DT bag.”
See more designs and price list after the jump.

Price List

The range is available in South Africa at the following stores: Moda, Cellini, Frasier’s, Drakes+Packwells, Queens, The Coachmen, Gopals and Diplopmat.

Source: hautefashion
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