Thursday, May 02, 2013

RTF FOCUS : Unique African Designs ( Leo foot wear Inc)



This is the reason I started this Blog, to showcase African Designs, When I see work like this it only fuels my passion even more. The thought and work put into these designs speak for itself.
These are from Unique African Designs in Kenya. See full collection HERE

"Unique African Designs is an artistic design business that specializes in general designer artistic African Products like Beaded Sandals, Bags, Bangles, Vitenge, Necklaces, Pure Fibre Cushions, etc.Our business was founded in January 2007 and has grown to be the best in quality African beaded products".

See More designs after the Jump. 

Address: Olympic Kibera, off Kibera Drive
P.O Box 13642
Nairobi- Kenya
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