Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RTF BEAUTY: Tips For Afros


Creating a perfect Afro is not always as simple as it may seem, — growing and caring for a healthy Afro requires conscientious hair care and a little bit of patience. Here’s how to grow your hair into the perfect style.


Too frequent washing can cause your hair to become even more dry and brittle, so try to wash your hair no more than once a week. (You can simply rinse it with a little water in between washing when needed.)


To combat dryness try bagging. To baggy, get a conditioner cap and some oil – pure olive oil, grape seed oil or and jojoba oil – and add a generous amount to your hair at night before bed and put the conditioner cap on. Put your regular hair scarf over the bag for added moisture. In the morning, your hair should be soft and easy to comb. Add your regular moisturizer and seal. You can bag every night if your hair if very dry and you should see results after two weeks.


After a last trim, just let your hair grow for several months until it achieves the length you want. When your Afro gets to the length you want, hit the salon regularly to get a trim to ensure that it is growing evenly and achieving the look you want.

Rather than use a comb to tame your Afro, use your fingers, or a wide-toothed comb. When choosing a wide-toothed comb, try to find one as wide as when you spread out your fingers.


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