Friday, May 10, 2013

RTF BEAUTY: Refined Luxury Makeup For all Shades of skin by Loola Cosmetics

Loola Cosmetics since its inception in 2010 has been known for delivering one of the healthiest, safest and most diverse makeup brand across Canada. Loola is a make up brand born out of the need to wear environmentally conscious cosmetics without nursing the common fears such as breaking out after usage or wearing carcinogens. Due to their success in Canada, Loola Cosmetics has decided to make its remarkable products accessible internationally by shipping to all four corners of the world. This means their fantastic line of make up products is now available for your convenience from their online store allowing you to experience beauty in all shades. Manufactured in a diverse country like Canada, the diversity of the products do not disappoint. Loola is indeed a luxury brand. Products include spa living products,lipsticks, lip glosses eye liners, foundations and many more on the drawing boards.

See the amazing looks after the jump.LOOLA-COSMETICS-MAKE-UP-WOMEN-OF COLOUR-AFRICA-



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