Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ZABETHEL Collection Launches with Fantastic Offers

ZABETHEL Collection Launches with Fantastic Offers.

Zabethel Collection, the latest online fashion store launches officially to provide easy and comfortable shopping platform to a wide audience of fashion loving people within and outside Nigeria. Independent online fashion store with over 50 branded products lines across men’s and women’s wear – ZABETHEL has opened its online portal, www.zabethel.com.ng to all.
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With a mission to make shopping simple, convenient and affordable for both men and women of style across the country, Zabethel stocks a large list of fashion labels from high-end to high fashion all at reasonable prices – same price as on brand website.

Aside the 24/7 online shopping portal, Zabethel also offers to be your one-on-one ‘Personal Shopper’; when it comes to revamping your wardrobe and shopping gift items for friends, fashion items; clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, etc that suit your style sense and personality, Zabethel gets you the best deals.
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For more about ZABETHEL: Zabethel Online: www.zabethel.com.ng | Facebook: ZabethelNigeria |Twitter: @ZabethelFashion
Book an appointment: Email: info@zabethel.com.ng | Call: 0803 312 5117

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